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Our Name & History

Ezzo Advocates was founded in 1978. Ever since, the management of our business has been passed on to competent generations of the reputed Ezzo Family.

Ahmed Roshdy Ezzo

In 1954, Mr. Ahmed Roshdy Ezzo graduated from Faculty of law - Cairo University. Upon graduation, he embarked upon his career in the field of law by working at Zakharoblo Advocates, which was specialized in Maritime field.
Mr. Ahmed Roshdy Ezzo joined the legal department of Misr Insurance Company in 1963. During that period he managed to assimilate his wide and comprehensive experience in the Insurance field.
From September 1964 to May 1994, he worked as a lecturer in the maritime department of Faculty of Law - Alexandria University.
Mr. Ahmed Roshdy Ezzo established Ezzo Advocates in 1978 only to become one of the most distinguished Egyptian law firms, playing a key role in the insurance and shipping industry.
Mr. Ahmed Roushdy Ezzo was a member of the legal committee assigned by the parliament to draft the Articles of the new Egyptian Maritime Law No. 8/1990, enforced in November 1990.

Tarek Ezzo

In 1980, Mr. Tarek Ezzo graduated from Faculty of law - Alexandria University. He joined Ezzo Advocates in 1981 and became a partner in 1990. Mr. Tarek Ezzo’s possess over 30 years of practical experience in litigation and insurance related arbitration; this is in addition to practicing law and handling cases before Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.
Mr. Tarek Ezzo has been endowed with an outstanding reputation in the region on account of handling some of the most crucial cases in the fields of insurance, maritime, oil and gas. Based on such solid reputation, as well as his remarkable expertise in complicated disputes within the insurance field, Mr. Tarek has been appointed to preside over a DIAC arbitration panel in one of the most complex disputes in the insurance market in the UAE.
Mr. Tarek Ezzo is a proud member of the committee appointed the Ministry of Transport to review and amend the articles of Egyptian Maritime Law No. 8/1990. This is in addition to being officially appointed by the Minister of Transport to handle the investigation process of the sunk M/V AL SALAM BOCCACCIO 98 in 2006.
Also, since year 2006, Mr. Tarek Ezzo has been acting as the managing partner of the firm.

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